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BSA Troop 112 - Ashland, Oregon
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P. O. Box 839
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: 541-708-3942
Contact: John Ourant

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January 2007

January 2007

Volume 88 Number 1                    

Scout News

Troop 112 – Oregon’s Oldest Boy Scout Troop


Thank you to all scouts and parents who volunteer to help scouting and our community.

Happy New Year.


Please mark your calendars All hands on deck!  Our Christmas tree pickup/recycle is this Saturday, Jan. 6th.  Meet at the Senior Center at Hunter Park (next to Meyer pool and Walker Elementary) at 8 a.m.  Wear your class A uniforms with warm clothes underneath.  Bring your scout hats, gloves, and rain gear.  Adult volunteers and spare pickup trees needed.  The Senior Center will be opened at 7 a.m.  Thank you. 



Patrol assignments will proceed through the next two months as follows for maintenance of the amphibian area at North Mountain Park: January                                 February                              

                                                Scorpions                              Roadrunners                                                                                                

Smoke Signals


Jan 6 Sa 8a      Tree pickup – Ashland Senior Center               

Jan 11 Th 7p    Council Roundtable

Jan 18 Th 7p    Troop committee meeting at John Wurfl’s house

Jan 20 Sat        Winter campout

Jan 24 W 7p    Board of Review

Jan 31 W 7p    Court of Honor

Feb 1 Th          District committee Meeting

Feb 8 Th          Roundtable

Feb 15 Th 7p   Troop committee meeting at John Wurfl’s house

Feb 16-18        Klondike Derby – snow camping @ Lake of the Woods

Feb ?               Cub Scout bridging

Mar 10 Sa        Pow Wow

Mar 17, 24 Sa  Merit badge workshop

Apr 6,7            Rogue River campout and cleanup

Apr 27-29        Campout


THANK YOU to all parents who have volunteered this upcoming year.  We have openings for the following coordinator positions:

May 18-20      Camporee

July 4              Lions BBQ

                        Troop 112 Food Booth



The Ashland Lions Club


Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our scouts.  Toward that end, an online training course on Youth Protection is offered at  This course takes only 20 minutes to complete and is self-paced.  Upon completion, a certificate is issued and your completion is recorded at Council Headquarters.  Please access this free and required training at your very earliest convenience.  Renewal is required annually.  Thank You!  Check out our website at




Volume 88 Number 1                                                                                                                                         page 2



Need a signature?  Periodically, it is necessary to turn in forms to the office in Central Point that require a signature from a representative of the chartering organization.  In our case, of course, that is the Ashland Lions Club.  We have three members of the Lions Club associated with our Troop including Mark Haneberg, Doug Johnson and Dick Welton.  All three are authorized to provide signatures to the Troop on behalf of the Lions.


ReStatement of Attendance requirements – Attendance at meetings and participation in Troop activities is also part of the Scout Spirit that needs to be demonstrated for advancement.  Currently, the Troop has a number of registered Scouts who don’t regularly participate in Troop activities.  Scouts are reminded that they need to show a minimum of 50% participation in order to be eligible for advancement to the next rank as this participation is a part of the Scout Spirit that needs to be demonstrated for advancement.   All decisions on a Scout’s percentage of participation for rank advancement will be made by the Scoutmaster at the required Scoutmaster conference for that rank   


Reminder about Uniforms: All the Scouts know that one needs a FULL uniform, book, dues and sign in on time to be eligible for the door prize at Troop meeting   But some probably don’t know that the Troop with its sponsor, the Ashland Lion’s Club, has a requirement to be in uniform at meetings - “Scouts are required to wear Class A uniforms to Troop meetings and Courts of Honor and Class B uniforms to Patrol meetings as this is a part of showing Scout Spirit.  Scouts failing to wear their uniforms will be able to stay at the meetings as observers, but will not be able to sit with the other scouts or participate in the formal discussions.” 

So please start observing this rule, and show your Scout spirit!


Merit Badge books please – If your scout has earned a merit badge and still has that book, returning it to the troop will give another scout a chance to earn that badge.  Thank you.


Remember - monthly PLC meetings are now being held at 6pm on Troop night/ 1st Wednesday of the month.  Troop meetings 1st & 3rd Wednesday; Patrol meeting 2nd and 4th, Merit Badge workshop – 4th Wednesday.






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